Today is the Greatest Day of your life.

5 May

Today can be the greatest day of your life. Do you realize that that? Just say that it is so, and live. People fall into habits either good or bad everyday. These habits stem from thought patterns and actions.

Thought patterns and mental habits is what I want to discuss here. I am convinced and certain that if you practiced good mental habits everyday, you will experience beyond success. The reason this is so, is because everything you say to yourself is true in your personal time space reality.

Imagine if you practiced good habits everyday. Such as saying something mentally like “Today is the greatest day of my life.” Imagine what would really happen if this was something you said even for just 3 days in a row.

Now, I have noticed that people don’t practice good mental habits for 3 reasons.

1. They don’t know what they want to experience.

2. They feel that life just throws things at them.

3. They don’t think it is possible.

A statement such as “Today is the greatest day of my life” affirms the fact that as the creator of your life, you would like to experience not only a great day, but the greatest day of your life. This puts you in the position to tune into this vibration and look out for things during your day to validate this affirmation. As humans we always need validation. In this place we are always looking for reasons to justify and make sense of everything. Affirming this statement to yourself out loud or to yourself makes you a creator and you can make things happen instead of just taking things for face value.

You are a creator. You create what you want to experience, practice positive good mental habits and you will see results that are joyful and worth while.
A truly satisfied person can sit in silence and experience joy. This is known as meditation. There is something inside of each person that is curious to find out if today can be the greatest day of his/her life. This is human nature. Naturally humans are curious and want to experience something unique and different. Curious?

Try it out and see for yourself.

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