The Present Moment.

18 Apr

How many people Stay in the present moment consciously? Consciously staying in the present moment may be challenging. It may be challenging because there’s usually a lot going on in one particular time.

With that said, the present moment is reality on the physical plane. Think about it. The present moment is all there really is. The past is already done with, one cannot change what has happened for better or worse. The future is uncertain one does not really know exactly what will happen in the future.

Granted, remembering lessons from the past and good times of how things used to be is important. Planning for the future and preparing for the future important. But the point is that the present moment is “real.” The present moment is special. Right now is all there really is.

Have you seen the movie Back to the Future? l love that movie.

But did you notice that Mcfly (Michael J Fox) was trippin’ throughout the entire movie? He was trippin’ because he was so concerned with trying to fix the past, go to the future and back again. Dude was all over the place! He was everywhere except for the present moment. But at the end of the movie he is back to where he is supposed to be “the present moment‘ and it feels natural and everything was all good.

One of the secrets to achieving beyond success, is by consciously focusing on the present moment. Being consciously aware of one’s present moment requires practice, yet some people are natural at it, because what they “do” for a living forces them into this state automatically. Staying right now is not only more enjoyable but also creates an energy of who you really are the exact moment, and attracting others in that same energy. Thus accomplishing more and just “being.” Being in the present with no regrets and guilt of the past, with little to no worries of the future, is an amazing experience.



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