The Filipino American Advantage

2 Apr


I am very happy to be Filipino-American at this particular time in history. You know why?
Because No one has any expectations of me being a Filipino-American.

I mean there is that Nursing stigma. But if you think about the Filipino history for the most part there is anything real tangible and history that we can own up to. I am not saying there is nothing to be proud of. But It was colonized by the Spaniards. I am coming from a positive stance and not a negative one so hear me out.

So this is why it is such a great advantage to be Filipino-American at this time?

Nothing is expected from you, because “they” don’t know about you. So all you Filipino-Americans taking up nursing do us all a favor and please become a nurse because you really love it and not because your parents will disown you if you don’t take up nursing as a major in college.

Listen I love nurses, but the next time a Filipino-American says to be do nursing it money is great, I swear I will physically throw you across the golden gate bridge, and you figure out which hospital you want to be “nursed” at.

If you are going to tell me to do nursing at least tell me about how fun and exciting it is and how much value I will be providing to people. I love nurses, they are great people. But, if you do something solely based on money the chances of you enjoying life is very slim. The idea should be to find what you are good at, and make strides to provide value to people. That is when you will experience beyond success.

With that said, Filipino- Americans as a culture and as a whole are great. They are really taking strides necessary to find their identity. We have very creative individuals and big thinkers. We are at a great time in history where we can be the pioneers for positive long lasting change. I like it because I can fully express myself and be the creator.

Individuals love to classify different cultures. I can’t honesty say “what Filipino-Americans are all about” But I can live in such a way that I believe add value to people’s lives regardless of race. This then allows others to make their own assumptions. I don’t try to be Filipino or American, I try to be the person that God put me here to be. Classify that!

With that Said …

So the advantage of being a Filipino-American at this time is that we can create the culture we choose. But in reality that’s how it is anyway, if that makes sense. The Premises of this article is just to enjoy and except being Filipino-American, Even though that is just a “category” and “label.” I never liked categories, categories are good to keep things in order. But if someone were to look at me solely as this I would be taken off guard. I don’t like or hate any races of people. I judge people on their character. I don’t even like talking about this because I just wish it was already something that should be understood. But apparently it is not.

So that’s the paradox. I write on the Filipino American Advantage with the understanding that it isn’t really an advantage to be a Filipino-American, it’s more of an advantage to being a human with the consciousness and or understanding that I’ve been fortunate to experience at this moment.



3 Responses to “The Filipino American Advantage”

  1. domesticdigerati July 7, 2008 at 3:01 pm #

    This is a great post with insight on the choices and opportunities young filipino-american’s face when choosing a career. I’m not a nurse, nor am I in the medical field. I switched gears in college from the medical route to teaching because I wanted to make a difference with America’s youth through creativity and mentorship. I have not regretted it one bit. Although teaching isn’t much of an “alternative” job filipino parents may not prefer, I did encounter disappointment and comments that I “wasn’t going to make any money”. However I’ve had a diverse career full of a variety of experiences, people, and memories. …and I am financially stable! Many people don’t realize that teachers get to lead such enriching work days, come home at an early time, and get to spend their summers vacationing or taking mini “sabbaticals” to learn aspects of the world. Pretty priceless…

    It’s great to see you “teaching” through your blog. Also, what an amazing history to have your family lineage rooted in the Katipunan!

  2. domesticdigerati July 7, 2008 at 3:04 pm #

    forgot to mention…I don’t normally bump into other filipino-american’s as teachers. now that i’m at a more administrative level, I am even more isolated as the only one. is this an advantage to me…absolutely! I think my culture and background provides something new to the table and in a sense I do feel like a pioneer. Even more important…I haven’t encountered any glass ceiling because of my ethnicity. if anything it is an asset.

  3. beyondsuccess November 11, 2008 at 5:12 am #

    Thank you domesticdigerati for your wonderful comments. I hope all continues to go well for yourself, and for the many lives you will continue to enrich through teaching.


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