Old Souls

19 Mar


I will talk about Old Souls, and how I’ve come to understand it.

There are individuals out there that just seem to have more wisdom than average. I don’t speak of academic or technical knowledge. What I speak of is “soul knowledge” or “universal knowledge.”

Old souls are usually humble and speak from the heart. They aren’t impressed by the material world. They see and feel various energies. Old souls like a grooves of tress, and plants. Old souls worry that people won’t understand the depth of their consciousness. Old souls are generally tuned into their world and feelings. Life is pretty easy for them because they don’t concern themselves with things that are temporary such as money, cars, status, or ego.

There is something about old souls that makes you feel like they have a thorough understanding of how life works and operates. I have been lucky enough to have been around some old souls that I respect and admire.

Do I consider myself an old soul?

Yes and no. Yes because I have the knowledge to recognize this idea of “Old souls” and have the ability to put this down for people to read, without fear of criticism, because what I say here I know to be true for myself. And No, because I have a lot to learn about compassion and full understanding of ego. (Which makes it that more enjoyable because I have a passion for learning, and I am constantly learning). I am somewhere in the middle of new and old. I am the middle child in my family, and I consider myself middle in soul age as well.

Another thing to keep in mind. If you are in the presence of a true old soul, they will know if you are young or old, based on how you present yourself and the words you speak and action you take.

When I say old soul, I don’t necessarily mean old in numerical age. For example a person that is 95 years old, doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is an old soul. Just like if a person is 3 years of age doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is a young soul. Matter of fact I have met young children age 3-5 that are very old souls that will tell you about their dreams and having been on this earth before in another lifetime.

I spoke to my 4 year old cousin the other day while I was playing basketball. I passed him the ball (not really pass, but rolled it over to him) and he started dribbling it like a natural, and I said to him “how did you learn how to dribble the ball like that?”
He said that “I dribbled the ball 50 years ago. That’s how I know how to dribble.”

A 4 year old boy saying that he dribbled the basketball 50 years ago!? I can simply just mistake that for him believing he dribbled 50 years ago, but I think I know better than that.

I speak of age in progression with the idea that we come here to this earth plane to learn lessons and teach lessons that we feel we need to. This was all choice as far as I am concerned. We all came here and chose to be here. There are no victims, and nobody is helpless. (That is of course they chose to be helpless to teach others about compassion, and love).

I also think it is appropriate to add my thoughts on the gay community. It is my theory and belief we all came here for a reason. So I am assuming that gay people came here to teach certain people how not to be ignorant and prejudiced. They came here to teach us how to accept people who are different from ourselves.

To be willing to accept something that you are not accustomed to is a great way of learning. So if you hate gay people or any other race, religion, etc, take a second to look at the big picture and try to learn why you hate a certain class of people. I think it is our natural tendency to hate what we don’t understand. The more we understand the more we can accept truth.

I am so glad to see that for the first time in American History we have A black male running and a Female running for presidency. This is a step up in the human consciousness and progression in human evolution. Think about how special this is. If Barrack Obama wins, and does a great job in his term, imagine all the people that have discriminated against black people and hated black people would now think. Imagine the paradigm shift that goes in one’s head! They can do one of two things, they can try really hard to still hate blacks, or they can accept the fact that a black man can do amazing things. And the same goes for Hillary Clinton, enlightening all males and even females who don’t think woman can be effective leaders and presidents. {F.Y.I Hillary is going to be the next president of the United States of America (baker prediction March 18, 2008)}
This is a special time to be living.

So back to the concept of old souls. I feel we chose to come here to learn what we haven’t learned in a past life. Past life? Yes. I speak of reincarnation. I speak of learning whatever we chose to learn here. Sometimes the lessons are tough sometimes not. But we learn and we ALL evolve to the next level of consciousness. Some take longer than others, but in the spirit world there is no “time.”

In the end we all come together and experience the love of God. We become one with God. I’m pretty certain of this, regardless of what religion you are or if you are an atheist.


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