The Future of Downtown Riverside CA.

12 Mar

Today is a great day. 10:45 a.m Spring time is coming and the weather and time has changed. The sun is shining perfectly and the weather is just right. Ahh.. The weather is so breezy…man why can’t life always be this easy!?

Today I found it appropriate to give a little background of where I use to live, and why I am excited about this city.

I use to live in Riverside CA. Particularity the downtown area. A lot of people want to know more about the attractions here and although I don’t know of everything going on here, I do feel the excitement in the air especially here in downtown Riverside area. There are fantastic commercial developments currently under way in Downtown Riverside. Downtown Riverside has a lot of historic sites. The historic sites blended with the brand new commercial developments just makes living in Downtown Riverside that more unique and special.

Riverside is a city that has gone under the radar in the recent past, but lately has been getting a lot of good press due to the many new exciting developments taking place here, such as building upscale retail stores on the first floors and having amazing lofts and condos that people can live in on the top floors. I like Riverside and I enjoy the future expansion that I can see everyday that is taking place here. For more information on Attractions and new exciting developments visit the RainCross square website at:

Have a fantastic day.



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