How to tell if someone is following their dreams.

22 Feb

dreams.jpgHi all!

I been really busy with school and getting my business off the ground. I am in a state of being both drained and excited at the same time. I am drained because it is a lot of work, and I am meeting many challenges that otherwise would defeat lesser souls. The drained energy sometimes come from a long day where I put all my focus and energy and don’t readily see the results.

The excitement comes from the enthusiasm that spurs deep within my spirit. The excitement comes from my natural optimism that I’ve been blessed to have easy access to. The excitement also comes from the many visions I have that by-pass what would be considered ordinary day-dreaming. These are clear visions that I have, that excite me so much that It’s difficult to sit still on my seat as I type this! This passion that I speak of feeds the fuel for the fire that I intend will uplift and generate a certain sense of gratitude of the greatness of life in other people.

So as I progress through this stage of hustlin’ and grindin’ or “bakin” as I call it… I have come across some individuals that I intuitively know are “following their dreams” and taking the action steps that will yield beyond successful results. 

So without further a due…

These are the top 5 ways to know if someone is following their dreams.

1. You see fire in their eyes.

2. You hardly get a chance to talk to them.. because  they are busy following their dreams!

~~But when and if you have a chance to be in their presence or talk to them~~

3. They can say nothing at all…but their body language says “I am excited about what the future holds and I am going to get there regardless of what anyone else says, because this is the life I choose!”

4. You feel uplifted and inspired after being in a conversation with them. You get all sorts of new ideas you never thought could work prior to  talking to them.

5. After talking to them or being in their presence… life seems to make more sense. The reason it makes more sense is simply because everyone deserves to follow their dreams.

Special thanks to everyone that continues to press on and follow their dreams! You are the people that inspire me.

Till next time!

+Baker Time


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