Who Knows Positive Mentor?

16 Jan


Do you know a positive Mentor?

If you have a successful mentor and follow his/her footsteps and “model” I think you should stand a good chance of much success. It goes back to the idea of not re-inventing the wheel. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I mean A lot of individuals come into the world coming into the game try all these new things with no avail. Follow the leader and adjust accordingly.

Anthony Robbins famous motivational speaker believes : To gain improvements quickly and step up to a new level of achievement, Robbins believes learning from others who are the best in their field is the fastest way to achieve success. He told the story of how he wanted to improve his tennis game and so employed Andre Agassi, the then number one ranked player to help him achieve this.

An earlier blog I wrote was about copying. Copying and Modeling after someone are two different things. Copying is trying to be the other person, (which is impossible) Modeling on the other hand, is taking the good that you see from that other person and implementing into how you go about your business. You know that you are Modeling a mentor when you see positive results after doing so. You know your copying someone else when it doesn’t feel natural or easy, and the results aren’t making you happy.

Who could you model yourself on?


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