Setting an Intention

14 Jan


Most of you are asking me, well how do you set an intention. Is this something difficult to do ? No. Setting an intention is very simple. We consciously or unconsciously set intentions everyday. It’s a simple as setting some time to think about what you want. But you have to think about and feel that what you are intending for has already come. This may take some practice but once you begin to see it coming in physical form you will have confidence in this, thus making setting intentions easier.

Here are the easy steps on setting an intention:

1. Sit quietly alone

2. Relax and breathe in and out.

3. Think about and get clear about something you really want

4. Focus on it as if you already had it, feel the positive emotions that you will have once you receive it.

5. Go about your day

Setting intentions work only when you believe you can actually have whatever it is you are seeking. If you are telling yourself you can’t have it then you won’t. We live in a universe of energy. Our dominant thoughts create a certain energy, positive or negative. And depending on what we focus on we get. Like energy matches with like energy. You only attract into your life that which you are inside.

Caution: Intentions when applied correctly do work! Please use your intentions with great responsibility and only for the good and well-being of others!


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