New Years Resolution for 2008?

31 Dec

Hi stars!

How many people set New Years Resolutions? How many people actually follow through on them? I personally don’t make New Years Resolutions. I make Daily Resolutions. I make daily intentions. This works much more effectively for me and I know it takes a lot of will and drive to follow it through to the end, but I think setting daily intentions is very effective in the long-haul. New Years Resolutions have there place, but to really have something accomplished it is a day to day thing.

With that said taking time and having the big goal in mind and the big goal written down is essential. I call it being Realistic and Optimistic at the same time, A term I coin as being “Real-Optimistic.”

It also depends if you are leader or follower. I believe that Leaders set bigger goals because they have great vision. I believe that followers set small goals because they aren’t quite too sure if they will measure up. But I write these blogs for leaders, people that have that vision and want to go beyond success.

So to that I say if you are going to set a New Years Resolution, be “Real-Optimistic” Have the big picture in mind, but take time daily to assess your goals for the day ahead. I am certain that this will truly enhance your life, and keep you from getting caught up in how the media or other people want you to set your New Years Resolutions. Be true to your goals and enjoy the process. Granting everyone an Amazing 2008!
Till Next Year….

“Time to bake for 2008!”



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