Copying and Experience

29 Dec


All these writings that I have put on these blogs have come from personal experience. Sometimes I will write something on here and can’t believe I put it down. I don’t copy. I am original this is all of me. Yes you heard it a million times. Writers speaking from their soul and reaching a large audience. I write for the people. I write because I know one day there will be a moment where my writings will positively impact the lives of many people. What I speak of in these writings are truth. They are my truths. I can’t copy, my soul doesn’t permit it.

Do you want to know the truth as to why people don’ t reach
what I have called beyond success in their life?

Because they copy people. They copy people who have no idea as to what they really want in life. They copy the ideas that don’t work. They unconsciously or consciously copy that which they know isn’t “right” yet because everyone else seems down that path they chose to follow along. I am not a follower. Following to me has made me very uncomfortable ever since I can remember. Do you honestly think if I listened to people that hated life and struggled all day long that I would be able to reach the masses with truth? I think we need more leaders. People that will live their life as though they could not fail. Go out there and make things happen and make mistakes. It’s through the mistakes you learn about yourself, and that’s when you know if you are Copying something good or not. We are always copying.

It works like this if you try to Copy the average Joe and you will likely fall victim to a life of mediocrity. I don’t understand mediocrity. Me and mediocrity don’t live in the same house. Look, me and mediocrity don’t understand each other.

I don’t understand a lot of things that’s why I am free to set my own path, and lead others to do the same. You see if you are intelligently naive, you will go beyond success. Intelligently naive is being open minded. It is being open to experiences that will serve you well. Being Intelligently naive means you know nothing, therefore you know a lot. The individual who knows a lot knows nothing because he is constantly searching for truth. He is searching for truth in experience.

You ever met someone who thinks they know it all? Wow. How can that be? How can someone know it all ? To claim you know it all, is a sign of ignorance. Stray away from angry people that always think they have the right answers to everything. They are displaying their fear openly. If you present to the world you know everything, wise souls will only see ignorance and fear. I am here to tell you I know nothing, therefore I know a lot.

To know everything is unrealistic. Yet if you tell that to the person who “knows everything” they would get mad. Is getting “mad” a sign of someone who knows everything?

Back to Copying and experience. I do not copy people, but I copy all the time. I will not copy something that will fall short. How do I know if I’m copying something great? I copy my higher self.

To keep it real simple, My higher self is my consciousnesses. It is my spirit, gut, intuition, my inner being. My higher self is what guided me to write this on this WordPress blog. My higher self literally said just put your hands on the keyboard and I will guide you, and the individuals that read this will appreciate it and understand it fully, they will apply this wisdom into their lives. My higher self has all the answers that I need, and I follow it accordingly. That “something great” is in me. It isn’t external. So when I say I copy. I really mean that I copy my higher self. I copy and I experience. I copy the self that I try to emulate everyday. I don’t copy people. Even the great people I don’t copy. That is impossible.

For those of you that have seen me play basketball (my favorite sport) may say that I copy the moves of Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. Though my moves are similar to them, I have never tried to “copy” them. I am my own player I do my moves as I see fit. If it comes out like something similar to Kobe or Jordan so be it. I am me. How many of you out there notice that you are copying somebody ? Think about this. Your parents? teachers? friend? celebrity?


It will not get you anywhere! Admiring character traits in certain people you believe are special is all fine and dandy. Don’t take that admiration any further. Here’s a great tip that you will remember for the rest of your existence. Here it is…Go out there and try your best to be you. I don’t speak of the you that others want you to be. I don’t speak of the you that tries so hard to be accepted or appreciated. I speak of the real you. I speak of the only you that you have ever known. Spend time alone. Meditate and listen to your inner voice. Try not to surround yourself with people that will influence you in any shape or form. I can guarantee the moment you realize that a lot of what you have believed and tried doing has nothing to do with who you really are, you will experience bliss and joy.

Yes it is easier said then done. Try it out. Be you, and if someone come around and says, “Hey you’re not acting like yourself today.” Feel free to respond with, “I’m not acting like the person you’ve been wanting me to act like… So excuse me I’m being myself today, thanks.”

You’d be surprised how many people respect that. We as humans respect individuals that stand for something they really believe in. Stand for what you believe in, what your soul is telling you. I really believe that this message will hit you hard. It will hit you. The real you. The real you that lives by experience and copying… Experiencing and Copying your higher self that is.

Till Next time..



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