Follow the light

17 Dec


Life is energy. There are many different energies out there. We need something real. I’m tired of people out there giving advice and strategies out there for you to make a major change in your life, with the pure intent to make money. I am disgusted with the many get rich schemes that fool people into giving them money for something that has no real value. If your intent is to leave this place a more positive and better place you are doing things out of your true nature. Your true nature is to give. Your true nature is to share your talents. Go back to what you know.

Don’t be fooled by society. Create your own society. Create a society of people that laugh at negativity. A society that doesn’t concern itself with what the media tells them is right. I have a secret I want to share with you. You probably intuitively know about this but here it goes. Most of the stuff on T.V is not good. Most of the stuff on T.V is a programing for you to be mediocre, and be miserable.

T.V Experiment

Try this. Tonight watch T.V a little different. Watch the show or whatever it happens to be and listen very closely to the message it is trying to convey. Listen with close attention as to what direction the show or whatever you are watching is trying to sway. What is the purpose and intent of the characters in the show? What are they trying to show me? What is the point ? Is it positive or negative?

I personally don’t watch T.V . Spending my leisure time reading books that have been written by authors that have great success works best for me. How do I know that what I read is good? Experience. If I take out just a fraction of the information I’ve read in a book/blog/website and then apply it to my own life and my own business I physically see the difference. Seeing for myself if there are real results is important. Most of the time I find great results from it. I read blogs and websites that I know are aimed at swaying my mind into something good and uplifting. We need people that really stand for something good. We need the light. It is easier to get caught up in a negative state of being, vs being in a positive state of being. If you follow the light you will come out on top. Doing what is good for the greater good of all concerned will take you to plains of existence you never thought possible.

I have seen a lot of in my life. I have seen negativity kill people. I have seen positivity heal people. I have been blessed with encountering people with  mental illnesses. The reason I say with utter confidence and conviction that I have been blessed, is because I understand that everything happens for a reason. They speak of a blessing in-disguise.These people’s  mental disabilities have helped me figure out what I am here to do in this life. This life is amazing because I can see inspiration where others see desperation. I can see the good in something that seems obviously bad. My life is amazing because I been blessed to see the lessons in everything. I learn from these experiences. It is vital for me to share this and let you know that if you are going through rough times or have people around you that are not lifting you up and rather tearing you down, that just means you have to learn something. For me it was patience. I had to learn to be more patient and compassionate. In that patience and compassion I have found success. Following the light takes you one step closer to experiencing Beyond success. If you don’t believe this ask about me. I live this stuff in real life, and it’s exciting.



One Response to “Follow the light”

  1. anne carr December 20, 2007 at 9:41 am #

    beautifully written! you and i are are on the same page. you have all my support and love. lots of love

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