Why do we do what we do? The amazing power of Intention.

13 Nov


I have a question. You ready? Why do we do what we do? Have you really ever thought about it? I have. And that is one of the reasons I write these blogs. I write because I am free to write what I feel I am here for. I am here to provide value and impact the lives of many people. Therefore the question is why do you do what you do? Why do you go to work or school? Why do you have a relationship with people? Why do you go on Myspace? lol. I figured that it all stems to one thing. What we do and the actions we take everyday comes down to this very important word. This word is the key. The word is called intention.

Webster’s Dictionary Defines Intention as in·ten·tionan anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions. But Webster is not here. And I am, and this is my blog. lol. The way I define intention is even better. The reason it is better is because unlike a dictionary I won’t use the freakin’ word that is being defined within the definition! Kind of like when you look up the word forgive in the dictionary. Dictionary Version:Fo-rg-ive- The act of forgiving or to forgive. lol. Intention to me is defined as something we affirm to do, something that we will do. An intention is something we can put in writing or state aloud. It is similar to a goal and having a valuable reason behind it. For example I intend that many people read this blog and get value from it. That is my intention. This is an intention because by people reading this and getting value from it, I am happy because I gave something of value. Giving something of value to me makes me happy. Therefore my intention that many people read this blog and get value from it stems from the fact that I want to be happy.

We all have desires and wants in our life. Some say that they desire a nice house a happy family and kids. These are things they want. And there is nothing wrong with wanting certain things and experiences. It keeps us from being complacent and adds value to our lives once achieved. So the idea of Intention takes this a bit further. Intention is behind the things we want. Follow me so far? In the example above Why do you want a nice house? The intention may be for security reasons, or possibly a place where you can throw a party to entertain guests, and thus bringing the home owner a sense of security and pride. Why do you want a happy family? the intention behind that can be that you want to have good experiences that add meaning to your life.

You see intention is vital. Yet at times we tend to forget about it. The issue and problem I see developing in a lot of people is that they get so wrap up in what they are doing, that they forget what they are doing it for. Furthermore they forget what they are becoming. You see if we begin to forget what we are doing things for, we forget about ourselves. Taking time everyday to really just focus on our intentions will lead to a happier more filled life. The reason this is true is because when we are doing a certain thing we will feel joy from it because we were clear on what the intention behind that certain thing was. In other words if we spend a few minutes on our intentions for the day ahead we can have a nice foundation under us. We will feel on track, we will feel that the things we do are what we want to do because that’s what we focused on. You see we are creators. We are constantly creating, what we want to experience. It all starts with intention.

Let me give you an example.

We have two people person 1 Joe Shmo and person 2 Robert.

1. Joe goes to work everyday and works hard. He goes to work and I mean he works. You ask Joe Shmo what he’s been up to and he just looks down and nods his head in a somewhat helpless voice, “just been working man…” He is so busy every single day. 5 days a week. On the weekends he spends time complaining about work, and complains about the amount of stress his job has. He doesn’t necessarily love what he does, but he needs to pay for his rent. He needs to eat, and provide for himself. You see Joe Shmo is a very practical individual. He says he works hard so he can have a roof over his head and food to eat. Joe Shmo is sad. Sad, overworked and depressed. On and on day after day Joe Shmo goes at it. Joe Shmo doesn’t understand the amazing power of intention and doesn’t visualize, meditate, or write down goals or read affirmations. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmation) Mr. Shmo makes a lot of money. So he figures that what he is doing is “right.” Joe spends no time working on his intentions, thus spending no time on his inner-self. He thinks he knows why he does what he does, but without a clear intention does he really know? He just goes and goes. To make matters worse he sees other people just like him so he figures that this is “how it’s supposed to be!”

2. Robert loves what he does for a living. He doesn’t get paid well but wow he goes to work everyday in his pajamas! The reason is because Robert owns his own home-based business. Everyday upon awakening he says to himself ” This is the greatest day of my life!” Robert writes down certain things on his notepad that he Intends to accomplish. He puts the reasons behind the reasons. Statements such as ” Today I will help 3 people learn the power of intention to better their lives in a positive manner” or statements such as ” Today I intend to have my services be of great value to 3 people.” Robert intends to have great days, to be a person of service. Robert is happy. Robert intends to have a family and he knows the reason for having one is to develop and having lasting and loving experiences. Even if things don’t go how he intends, he knows it is a learning experience and enjoys the process. Robert has more good days than bad, because his intentions are clear. Everyday he goes at it. He goes at focusing on intent and the rest flow through. Robert knows why he does what he does. He owns a business because he believes he can be of service to many more people versus being an employee. He is fulfilled by being a service to many people. To make matters even better Robert sees other people just like him so he figures “this is how it’s supposed to be!”

To conclude,

Our intentions are valuable as they provide that foundation. They are the blueprint on the reason behind the reason. Being clear on our intentions will enhance our lives, bring value and joy in our lives, bring value to other people, and will keep us closer on track on our journey of experiencing beyond success. Ultimately Our intentions give us the answer to: Why do we do what we do?

Dr Wayne Dyer, world-renowned speaker, writer, philosopher wrote a wonderful book called the Power of Intention. Here are two quotes you may find of value.

“I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.”
Wayne Dyer

“Our intention creates our reality.”
Wayne Dyer

Till Next time…

+ Baker


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