5 Simple steps to Financial Freedom:according to The Baker

13 Nov


Baker’s 5 Easy Steps to financial freedom:

1. Start a business you love.

2. Save and Invest more money than everyone else.

3. Study from people who have done it. (i.e books,seminars,audio, mentors)

4. Think from the end, as if you have already achieved your Financial Freedom. (applying the Law of Attraction)


5. Share your talents and wealth with the world.

I know these 5 steps seem very basic and you probably heard this a million times, or maybe this is your first time hearing this. In any event, these are the 5 ways to be financially free. Simply said, financial freedom is one point in life when you do not work for money anymore. Being financially free doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become a millionaire, (although in the economic times to come with inflation you might have to be) Rather it is having enough money coming in as passive income without you having to work for it. For those interested in learning more about passive income I highly recommend reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dadwritten by Robert Kiyosaki.

Back to the 5 steps. There are no short-cuts. These are the steps. I call them 5 “simple” steps but there will be times when one step or maybe all of them may be very challenging, and difficult. But what is life without a challenge right? I figured if you wanted financial freedom bad enough there will always be a “way” to achieve it. I forgot to mention to have fun on your journey. Your journey towards financial freedom is unique in itself. Personally I am on this journey myself. I have found a lot of very fascinating things, and have had valuable experiences, and I have only just begun. You will encounter many obstacles and challenges, but if you have fun and really enjoy the lessons and experiences described in these 5 steps, not only will you achieve financial freedom, but you will have a great time doing it!

Till next time…


(The reason I use + instead of – before my initials is because I am positive not negative 😛 )


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