Why do I write these blogs?

7 Nov


Why do I write these blogs? I remember when I was younger and I would watch and observe great teachers just teach from their heart. I would listen to great individuals speak from convictions and stand and move exactly as they taught. They really walked their talk. I intend to be that. I intend to be that because they have been that for me. I intend to be a person of action and service. If I can be allowed to give, I would be very happy. A lot of times in life we focus on what’s in it for us? The secret and very interesting thing is the same thing that’s “in it for me” could prove to be very valuable to you as a reader. What is “in it for me” is beyond me. It is beyond my desires. Only because my desires are to inspire many others in a positive way. So let me do that. Let me be the reason you decided to think positive today. This will make me happy. I don’t care about the money, title, or plaques. I just want to give, all you have to do is receive. I have been given a lot of talents and a lot of great things in this life. Great opportunities have come my way. Great success I have encountered. All these great things and accomplishments I am very grateful for. I am so grateful for them that I want to share my talents with the world. I want to share my wisdom, the things that have worked for me the things that haven’t worked. Please allow me to share with you. If you allow me to share with you this knowledge and wisdom I will feel happy because I have an outlet. Give me this outlet, so I can continue to do what I was called to do. I care about the people that read this and my intention is to have the people that read my blogs to experience beyond success. My intentions always manifest.

+Peace Peace yall



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