Beyond Success: According to Baker

2 Nov

Beyond Success is creating something when you need it, making a contribution to others, and loving and respecting yourself and others. Beyond Success is learning and growing form all your success and is measured by the happiness and quality of you life.

Hello ! Today is November 2, 2007. This is my very first Blog! My intention is that these blogs that I write in the times to come will provide of great value and enrich the lives of millions upon millions of people. I want all of you in on a little secret that I have. The secret is that all my intentions manifests into reality! I have an inner knowing a gut feeling that with the blogs I write here that with positive and focused intent alone I can fulfill my earth’s destiny of inspiring, motivating, and leading many people into success and beyond! The name of my Blog is Beyond Success mainly because success alone is temporary. The moment we get out of ourselves and see the bigger picture is when we can feel the true essence of life. Life is meant to be fantastic, fun, abundant, prosperous, and pure joy! Positive thinking you say? No this is positive “being” I know for a fact that the more you think about something the more you become it. For example all day long I think about wealth. Therefore I am wealthy. “Wealth is not determined by what is in your pocket, it is determined with what is in your mind” All of life is feeling! I believe you can have a billion dollars and not feel wealthy. It just matters what wealth in itself means to the particular individual. Some doubt the fact that there is a such thing as having everything you want. I come here in all honesty at the core of my being to tell you that you can have whatever you want in life. Through these blogs I will share my personal experiences on my journey to success and beyond. I will give tips and techniques that have worked for me that have given me joy beyond reason. I will give you insights on the wonder and value of life according to how I see it. These blogs will enrich you in the most real and most positive way ever imagined! I am here as your servant I am here to provide value. I am here to tell you I am success and beyond at this moment. I am it before I have it, so take a walk with me on this fascinating journey to a world that truly exist! A world I’ve known to be real, tangible, practical, and a world that is beyond success. I will give you insights on the wonder and value of life according to how I see it. My pen name is Baker welcome to my world! A world of Success and Beyond!

Thank you for the Support!


2 Responses to “Beyond Success: According to Baker”

  1. Emilee November 13, 2007 at 2:32 am #

    Kewl blog Kevin! I look forward to reading more inspirational stories here over the coming weeks and months. – Emilee

  2. David Matney December 17, 2007 at 6:37 am #

    Kevin, I’m looking more inspirational posts in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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